On Practicing….

When people ask, “Why this medicine?” I answer, “Because medicine isn’t a singular endeavor.”

Tuning in, all colors and all volumes on every radio station are on at once. And yet with pause, very clearly, there plays one message at a time.

This is the frequency of healing.

Curiosity and hope lead me here. Spirituality confirms it.

I take from books in one hand and listen to the Divine in the other. How they interplay in our tissues, our interstitial fluids, our blood astound each time.  

I had been studying international relations, inundated in the historical arguments of men. So ecstatic to effect real change yet so bored.

Studying in Shanghai, I did Tai Qi for the first time. And when I felt the energy ball between my hands, the wonder of childhood rushed back in. I no longer needed to participate solely on a material plane.

The tools are simply one of many: words, meditation, food, movement, needles, herbs, supplements, MRI’s, pharmacology.

What’s invisible to the eye and felt in the bones confirms the how. 

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