On Practicing….

When people ask, “Why this medicine?” I answer, “Because medicine isn’t a singular endeavor.”

Tuning in, all colors and all volumes on every radio station are on at once. And yet with pause, very clearly, there plays one message at a time.

This is the frequency of healing.

Curiosity and hope lead me here. Spirituality confirms it.

I had been studying international relations, inundated in the historical arguments of men. So ecstatic to effect real change yet so bored.

I take from books in one hand and listen to the Divine in the other. How they interplay in our tissues, our interstitial fluids, our blood astound each time.

Studying in Shanghai, I did Tai Qi for the first time. And when I felt the energy ball between my hands, the wonder of childhood rushed back in. I no longer needed to participate solely on a material plane.

The tools are simply one of many: words, meditation, food, movement, needles, herbs, supplements, MRI’s, pharmacology.

What’s invisible to the eye and felt in the bones confirms the how.