Love for Techie Pelayo Brown


On March. 7, 2015, our front desk and great friend, Techie Pelayo Brown, went Home.  After a long month of pain, she passed peacefully with her husband, Ronnie Brown, by her side.

It has been exactly a month since the funeral, and today, I am able to express words that have been stuck deeply in my chest to commemorate Techie’s life as it meant not only to me but for the patients at Boundless Well-Being.
We saw Techie as steadfast, compassionate, loving and wise.  She was a private person who beamed love and goodwill to all who walked through the door.  Techie lived her life the way she wanted to live it.  No one and nothing could stop what she chose and how she chose to express it.  To witness a person who listened and then acted upon her absolute faith at every turn was a gift to behold.
Very early on, I recognized she was not a typical administrative assistant.  I later learned she was a missionary.  As Boundless Well-Being’s front desk for the last three years, she brought amazing possibilities to the clinic, the patients, and myself.  She had an unyielding faith in God and love for humanity which became a lighthouse for many who were sick, imbalanced, and felt “lost at sea”.  Upon her passing, many patients shared their stories with me of their time with her.  They told me that after their treatments, sometimes they lingered as they thought about their condition. Techie recognized this right away, offered an ear, and if she sensed they were open and willing, would offer to pray with them.  These gestures opened a door that allowed patients to speak about their illnesses and loved ones.  The common thread I heard from every story, was that she brought a great sense of peace and gave people strength to walk onward.  She told me this was the most fulfilling part of her job.
I called her “Tita”, which means aunt in Tagalog.  I did this out of respect in that we not only worked together, but we were friends.  She selflessly gave shade when there was too much to bear, a wise ear when there were forks in the road, and unconditional love when love was scarce.
She is one of my greatest teachers.
Tita Techie, we miss you.  Thank you for sharing your life and wisdom with all of us. 
Our ride together has truly been a gift.  I am forever grateful.


-Vivianne Gantous

2 thoughts on “Love for Techie Pelayo Brown

  1. I just saw this link about Techie Pelayo. Thank you so much for sharing lot of things about her.
    May I know when she passed away. She’s really a woman of faith, a very caring person and with listening ear. She loves to pray for others. A friend that you can lean on. Again, thank you so much for all the staff and management of boundless well being. You are a blessings..

  2. i worked with her before in the bank in makati city, philippines but she resigned to give way to her pastoral work, i joined the group she was in and she gave me the christian way of receiving communion, i lost in touch with her, i thought she was still with the christian group “friends of jesus” , a friend fr the bank got ill and she told us techie was the godmother of his son, so
    we tried locating her when she was already weak and wanted to see old friends, i learned she was not with friends of jesus anymore and no one
    knows her whereabouts, i kept searching and searching until i found her but sad that she
    passed away, her friend who was looking for her died too oct 12 2017, as of
    this writing, the wake
    is still
    ongoing, she never learned that techie died already, but i know they will meet again in the Kingdom of Our Creator

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